Thursday, January 30, 2014

Maggie turned 3

How do I have an almost five year old and a three year old? It's crazy to think that 3 years ago we huddled in hospital rooms awaiting any news of our newborn and her health. And this day 3 years later, a living, vibrant bundle of energy ran around at her birthday party and enjoyed every moment. Maggie lives life to the fullest and is a constant reminder to me of the gift of life God gave us.

The doctors were uncertain of what her future would hold and even with her remarkable recovery, had a few cautions of we just don't know what to expect.

Well, if you meet Maggie or hang out with her, you would see she experiences it all and all in full force. She has the most creative imagination and stories that sound like they really happened but all made up. Everything happened yesterday, real or not. She has rebuttals and excuses and expressions that just make you want to laugh but that often times just encourages the sometimes inappropriate behaviors. Time outs are fun. Quiet time in her room is not punishment. And having things taken away don't seem to phase her.

She loves passionately. Gets hurt dramatically. Expressing anything with deep emotions. And loves our dog Lucy more than life itself.

Maggie loves people. She loves babies. She loves homemade mac and cheese. She struggles with new flavors and has a pretty remarkable gag reflect. She is super tactile and loves to be a full contact  sport eater. Spoons and forks are just a mere suggestion. She loves to play dress up and wear tutus whenever possible. She also loves to wash her hands and do anything she can reach or get to on her own. She can fully dress and undress herself and we often see a different outfit every 5 minutes. She now wants to read you the book versus you reading. And the list could go on. 

We love you, Magnolia Raine! Your fervor in life inspires me to live to the fullest.

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